LSM …transforming lives on University of Ghana campus and beyond!

The LSM, since its inception a couple of years ago, have been overwhelmed with testimonies from its members. By the grace of God, many on campus and all around the world (so grateful to God for our online facilities /website) are being blessed with great teaching from the  Bible. Several portions of the Bible misunderstood or not understood at all have received great elucidation and illumination. We are so grateful to God. Thanks to our LSM Bible Study Class/Word Outreach!

“Ever since I have made it up a point to stay behind on weekends and attend the early  morning  LSM Bible Class before going home, I’ve seen tremendous in my life. At first, there were lots of things I didn’t know about our Christian walk. Now I know more than enough. Now I see myself growing stronger in the Lord, my academics is even improving,” a member of God’s Vision Word Fellowship admitted, who is also a dedicated member of the Commonwealth Hall LSM.

Have you been at our LSM Bible Study before? You can post you testimonies right here to encourage others.

Never been at our LSM Bible Study? We invite you to become a member:

Join the LSM closest to you. The time is either 7:00AM or 6:00PM, depending on the week’s activity.

  • Akuafo Hall LSM: Meets behind the G-Block of Akuafo Main Hall, close to the Artisan’s Workshop.
  • Commonwealth Hall LSM: Meets at the Left Summer Hut in the Commonwealth Gardens when approaching the Potter’s lodge.
  • Legon Hall LSM: Meets on the Lovers Benches around the Legon Hall  Fountain.

Note: LSM Bible Class alternates with the LSM Outreach on weekly basis. For instance, if this week is an LSM Outreach, next week Godwilling would be LSM Bible Class. LSM Bible Class is always @ 7:00AM whiles the LSM Outreach commences @ 6:00PM. The LSM lasts 1 hour,15  mins.

The LSM is sponsored by God’s Vision Word Fellowship, an interdenominational campus fellowship, and members of the LSM. LSM …sharing our faith!

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