LSM THIS WEEK (for Sat. 15th Dec. ’12)…

Pic of a Christian praying

A Christian praying

What is prayer?  How beneficial is it? What makes prayer very efficient? How do I pray to get results? What hinders prayers? Why have I prayed for so long and still not getting answers; is there something else I could do? How do I get quick answers to my prayers? So how did Jesus pray? The Holy Writ (the Bible) provides answers to all these questions.

Our final LSM Bible Study Outline for the semester delves into these issues. This week’s study outline is a revision study outline.

Join us as we embark on this exciting and rewarding room-to-room Bible Study Outreach.

We converge @ our rendezvous for our final LSM Outreach for the semester:

Akuafo Hall LSM: Behind the G-Block of Akuafo Main Hall, close to the Artisan’s Workshop.

Commonwealth Hall LSM: At the Left Summer Hut in the Commonwealth Gardens when approaching the Potter’s lodge.

Legon Hall LSM: On the Lovers Benches around the Legon Hall  Fountain.

Time is 6:00-7:15PM this Saturday. Note: LSM Bible Class alternates with the LSM Outreach on weekly basis. For instance, since this week is a LSM Outreach, next week God willing would have been a LSM Bible Class. LSM Bible Class is always @ 7:00AM whiles the LSM Outreach commences @ 6:00PM.

 Let’s hear your comments.