What does the phrase “I’TS A VISION…GOD’S VISION” mean?

If you have been receiving Vision SMS or if you’ve ever read one of our Vision SMSs, you’d have noticed that we sign off each week’s Vision SMS (both via text, and the SMSs online – on our Facebook page) by the statement “IT’S A VSN…” or “IT’S A VISION …GOD’S VSN.”  That what we want to explain now.

On the 19th day of February 2008, the Lord spoke to our Visioneer, Pastor Kuuku like the way He always speaks to him. He said:

“The whole world and beyond needs you. My son, I’ve given you the world, take it and mould it the way I made it. Yes I said, ‘mould it.’ ”

The vision  (aim /expectation /ambition ) is not the Visioneer’s vision. It’s God’s own vision; God’s vision of moulding his own world! When we say It’s a Vision, God’s Vision, that’s exactly what we mean. By that phrase we are affirming this divine mandate, and that’s what would happen. It’s taken place in every corner of this world  and it’ll touch and influence each and every soul in the world and those to come.

That’s why at God’s Vision we believe in working together as a team; because we know that together we will make the world exactly what God wants it to be. And that’s our slogan as a ministry; when we say “It’s a Vision,” you gaze into the future of a brighter world tomorrow and solemnly utter “God’s Vision.” Praise God!

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