The new God’s Vision Website/Social sites

Written by Chief Website/Social sites administrator, GV

Halleluyah! Hurray!  God’s Vision Word Fellowship is now on-line. With highly exacting and tremendously vigorous background work (of researching, typing , editing , revising, posting, on-the-job training/studies,  very long executive table meetings, on-line discussions with our President lasting several hours, etc.) by the Website/social sites Committee members, esp. Vineyard workers (‘Vineyard worker’ is the term for ‘executive’ in God’s Vision) spanning over one-and-a –half years, God’s Vision’s website /social sites (Twitter and Facebook) is poised to deliver to the world nothing but the very best!

At God’s Vision, we believe that God deserves nothing but  the best. That stems out of one of our core values-excellence!

‘As far as the work is not perfect, it’s not good enough; it’s has to be perfect!’ is just one of the several statements of my father, Pastor Kuuku that serves as a tent for me and my committee. This he often stresses (through similar utterances) when we’re having on-line executive meetings and also when he inquires about  the progress of the sites. That puts so much pressure on us as committee members culminating in very long hours of on- line work (often time forfeiting even  sleep to meet deadlines) just to get God the very best. At the end, each one of us is fulfilled by what we see – what we bring out. Praise God!

With barely a week of our sites’ existence, the traffic it’s received is amazing. The statistics (site views per hour, traffic indicator, etc.) generated by our website service provider, WordPress and also by Google Analytics on our site keeps shooting up geometrically! The feedback and testimonies we’re receiving all around the world is overwhelming! Thanks to persons like you who find God’s Word of foremost and uttermost importance and would do every thing to access it.

Like Pastor Kuuku told us quiet recently, in the months ahead of us, we’ll be reading far inspiring, prophetic and highly timely posts. We have other exciting features we would introduce on our website and also on both social sites SOON. All these have been designed for your holistic advancement – both spiritual and physical.

You’re encouraged to leave comments on our pages – we value them so much. We also reply promptly to questions on our posts.

Take time and visit our projects page and see how you could support us in this great endeavour. We are thankful to God for this feat. God bless you all.

Send us your goodwill messages, encouragements, expectations, suggestions, blessings by writing them as comments below.