Too busy you’re not having time for God? Learn how you can have devotion with the Lord every single day using the INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL

The hustle and bustle of campus/city life, the demands of our exacting professions/academics motivated by our drive for wealth, excellence, fame etc. can easily make one totally neglect time with his creator. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending time on your academia (books) and working hard to be the best in your profession, there’s a lot wrong when you do that at the jeopardy of your spiritual life (Luke 4:4).

If you have a rich daily devotion with the Lord, it is a clear sign that God has taken center stage of your life , as far as time management and of course of your life is concernedThe soul, being the most important part of your life deserves the greatest deal of attention as far as time investment is concerned (Mk. 8:36-37 KJV).

In order words, no matter how herculean your schedule may be, nothing can be good enough reason for not having morning devotion with the Lord on daily basis!

Here are few methods you can adapt to effect a change in your devotional pattern. Practising each of them would make it possible to have consistently quality time with God before you start your day (it’s always best to start your day with God: that’s why although it’s not wrong to have an evening quiet time, morning quiet times are  far better. Psa.  63:1).  Halleluyah!


                                                   a. YOUR SOUL REQUIRES IT

You wake up the time you do every day not because that time allows you to have just enough sleep but because your lectures/ job demands it. In this same vein, you should know that God demands personal time with you so you have to factor that into your waking up time. Convince yourself you need to have a morning devotion (just like the way you’ve convinced yourself you need to report at work or for lectures on time). When you do that you will see that you will not sleep on in the morning.

                                                   b. LOOK FORWARD TO IT  

Additionally, each night you should prayerfully ponder over the fact  that  the next morning , you be having a quiet time with the Lord. Such a prayerful anticipation is not automatic; you must  consciously make up your mind to do this every night. Set a time for it each night and do it. Doing all the above will dragoon you out of your bed each morning, just on time.


You could also set up an alarm or if you’ve already set up an alarm for waking up, effect this new change of time on it. If you have your own room, multiply alarms (that is, setting up alarms on more than one clock/device) would help. You could also inform your neighbors /roommates to wake you up. It’s advisable to have your devotion in a sitting posture, by a table – may fall asleep again when you lie on your bed.

Don’t give up when you fail a number of times. Just pounce back; you’ll soon get used to the new  waking up time if you wake up consistently for about month. Do everything possible (spiritual and physical) to make it work because it’d work only if you want it to (Phil 4:13; Matt 18:18).


Studying your Bible with the INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL by God’s Vision Interdenominational Word Fellowship is one of the best ways of having a rich quiet time. The messages/articles are concise yet very insightful. Reading at least one devotional on –line daily consistently for months would revolutionize your walk with God. All you have to do is to make sure your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, iPad etc is connected to the net so you can access it right comfort of your room.

Don’t forget that your soul requires time with God. You have no option than to succeed in this endeavour. Success is yours, in Jesus’ Name!

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