We’re praying on Twitter



“On daily basis, the spirit of the Lord sends me particular items (prayer points) for us to pray about. We use this social media, together with all other avenues to fulfill this divine mandate. Now the Lord invites you to join us in this divine mandate, that’s why I want you to join us pray on Twitter”    — Pastor Kuuku

To do this log onto www.twitter.com/godsvisionlegon (LINK WORKS WHETHER YOU’RE ON TWITTER OR NOT)

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you could sign up for a Twitter account right on our Twitter page. If you click on the ‘follow’ button you’ll be able to receive each tweet directly onto your device.

If you have a Twitter account, you could also sign in into your twitter account, search for “God’s Vision Legon” (make sure you have clicked the ‘people’ search button if you see that button on your mobile phone or other similar device) and click on the ‘Follow’ button. It’s that simple!

This prayer time online with many people on campus and beyond is a very special time with God. It’d help you boost and maintain a great prayer life. You’ll learn a lot on prayers.prayer for L S M.jpg 2

You can start from today. Sign up for a Twitter account @ www.twitter.com If you’ve a Twitter account already but you can’t remember your Twitter password, log on to www.twitter.com and on sign in interface, click on ‘forgot password‘ A vital link will be sent to your email address.

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