INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Does everything require prayer?

prayer 2

Text(s) for today: Read Phil. 4:6 – 7; Matt. 21:18 – 22.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer…” (that is to say, instead of worrying, pray). Phil. 4:6 KJV

Of course, everything does require prayer! As far as that thing is threatening your peace of mind, this scripture from Philippians instructs us to pray about it! Note the phrase ‘but in everything by prayer.’

Of course some of the things should not end with prayer but that does not nullify the fact that prayer is necessary in every situation.

Prayer is not only necessary for spiritual problems (like someone whose sickness has a spiritual cause), but also very necessary for physical ones. Bible tells us of how people used divine power to control natural things like barrenness (Lk. 1:5 – 17, 24 – 25), weather conditions (Jam. 5:17 – 18), atmosphere at the sea (Mk. 4:37 – 41), prosperity in business (Lk. 5:4 – 7), etc.

I remember sometime ago, we needed to do some printing in the ministry and the printer we were using was giving us problems. I placed my hands on the printer and prayed over it. Instantly, it began responding positively! Praise God!

Indeed everything requires prayer.  Learn to use prayer to your advantage. Halleluyah!

If you are doing installation on your PC and it’s not responding, use prayer; if you are wondering how to plan your busy day for best results, use prayer. If you call home and they tell you there’s no money; use prayer. Are you downloading a document and it’s taking so much time? Use prayer! Have you been waiting a long while for a bus to arrive to board? Use prayer. Learn to control nature and the situations around you, through the power of effective prayer for it’ll always produce positive results for you. Halleluyah!

Prayer & Confessions  (pray out loudly)

Lord I thank you so much for the power in prayer. I release this power on nature knowing that nature cannot but obey my dictates. Halleluyah!

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