INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … You can overcome every challenge of sin 2

Welcome to today’s devotional. This is a continuation from yesterday’s devotional. This message would enable you strip off  load of sin. Get ready for a change… Get ready for the time of your life as you apply this Bible-based teaching in your life…

Text(s) for today: Read Luke. 22:39-40; Rev. 3:3; Luke. 22:31-32.

“Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch…” 1 Thes. 5:6 KJV.

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“… Let us not sleep, as do others…” 1 Thes. 5:6 KJV.

Let’s look at the first one of the two necessary things Jesus talked about: Watching

Watching actually goes with prayer, although watching and praying are two different spiritual activities.

When you are watching, you are looking/peeping into the realms of the spirit. This makes it able for you to see things before they ever materialize.

Before anything takes place in the physical, God already knows about it (i.e. the thing is already alive in the realms of the spirit). Jesus taught us it is important we watch (ie. peep into the spiritual realm so that we can prepare adequately for its physical manifestation Matt. 24:42-44; 26:38, 40). It then takes a spiritual eye to see those things pending and understand them.

The advantage of watching is that it helps you pray about the very right things, ie. the things you see pending in the spiritual realm. Bible teaches us that we should ‘watch unto prayer.’ This means that we watch so that we may know how to pray (1 Pet. 4:7). That’s why Jesus and the apostles always admonished us to watch (Mk. 13:37; 14:34, 38; Eph. 6:18; 1 Cor. 16:13; 1 Thes. 5:6; 1 Pet. 4:7; Rev. 3:3).

Bible tells us of how Jesus watched and helped Peter overcome a temptation that was already on its way by praying for him (Lk. 22:31:32). Those who don’t watch are usually met unaware by (i.e. unprepared for) temptations, trials, etc. (Lk. 12:39-40; Rev. 3:3). Because of that, when temptations come to them, they are helpless.  That explains why their struggle with sin is unending – they rise from sin today, the next moment they are wallowing in it. But it should not be so; they can break away from evil habits altogether! Praise God!

So in order to watch, what do I do? How is watching done?

This message continues tomorrow God willing. You won’t miss it. Tell others about this on-line blessing; win many to the Lord in so doing. Praise God!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly and say it BOLDLY)

I declare in Jesus’ mighty name I’m superior to sin, unrighteousness and spiritual death. I deal with every challenge of sin in Jesus’ name, knowing that with God nothing is too hard (Jer. 32:17, 27). Praise God!

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