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Welcome! This is a sequel to a teaching we began on Friday and continued on Saturday and Sunday. It teaches practical way to deal with struggles with sin, so-called habits and addictions. This is the final part of the series. ‘So how is watching done?’ We answer this question.

Text(s) for today: Read 1 Tim. 4:15; Matt. 26:36 – 46; Mk. 1:35, Lk. 6:12; 9:28

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, …honest…just…pure… think on these things.”  Phil. 4:8 KJV

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It’s simple to watch. To watch, just have time alone with the Lord and think of God. The difference between ‘watching’ and ‘prayer’ is that with prayer, you talk, but with watching you are completely silent.

Watching is more like Christian meditation ( 1 Tim. 4:15; Phil. 4:8 – 9). With meditation, you think on the word of God (you’ve heard, read, etc) but when watching you’re thinking on God expecting God to talk to you or show you things about to take place. These things about to take place may be temptations, trials, challenges and their resulting honour/dishonor or even positive things like greatness (fame, promotion, etc) Praise God!

To do this effectively, you’ll need a quiet environment, where you’ll not be distracted at all. That’s why Jesus often went to the mountains and other secluded places (Lk.21:37). When our master wanted James, John and Peter to also watch, note that he isolated them from the rest of the twelve(12) (Matt. 26:36 – 39). Tranquility/no interference requires that you switch off your mobile gadgets, no answering of calls, etc. Such tranquil environment and isolation is also necessary for prayer (Matt. 4:23, Mk. 6:46; 9:2, Lk. 9:28; Mk. 1:35; Lk. 6:12).

Keep in mind: Watching is a special time with God and God alone. As you are quiet and think on God, He’ll show you lots of things to happen. We must stress that watching demands time. In watching we wait on God (Psa. 130:5 – 6; 27:14; 40:1).

No one goes watching and comes back saying, “I didn’t see or hear anything.” Such a person timed God and expected God to talk within his allotted space of time and when He didn’t, he gave up. Never forget that for Peter, the least time God expected him to spend watching was an hour (Mk. 14:37; Matt. 26:40). God doesn’t break His word (Num. 23:19) : if you watch, he’ll speak to you, showing you things that’ll (shortly) take place, irrespective of one’s level of maturity in Christ or even the sins one has committed, although it advisable to confess you sins before any spiritual activity (watching and prayer inclusive). Halleluyah! Note that as long as kids (little children) can pray, kids can also watch. Never forget that!

Just like any spiritual (prayer, fasting, etc) or even physical (cooking, washing, running, etc) activity, the more you watch, the better you become in watching. In other words, the one that watches more often is most likely to see lots of things pending and understand fully all the things he sees than someone who seldom watches. Praise God!

So add watching to your prayer and one thing is certain – fornication, drunkenness, masturbation, adultery, etc would be a thing of the past. Why? Because when u do that, Jesus assures us that when temptations arise, u’ll not fall into them (Mk. 14 : 36). So now u’ve the key! Halleluyah!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

Lord I thank you for your Word today. I’m strong and indomitable  for I’ve yielded myself to prayer and watching continually. I receive divine strength this day and I declare sin will never control my life. Praise the Lord!

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