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Text(s) for today: Read Eph. 1:3

“… beware lest you say in your (mind and) heart, ‘My power and might of my hand (hard work) have gotten me this wealth. But you shall (earnestly) remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.” Deut.  8:17-18 AMP.

People have often asked, ‘what is this power that enables one to gain wealth?’  Well, it is the blessings of God (Proverbs 10:21).

There are many people who have not realized how powerful his blessings are. They prefer money or physical gifts to blessings. When they offer a voluntary service and the person blesses them, they grunt, “Am I going to eat those blessings?” How wrong they are! What great error they make! These folks know/recognize how powerful a curse is but they haven’t yet realized that if a curse is that powerful, then a blessing must be far more powerful!

A blessing is an enablement empowerment for exploits. It is such a powerful thing to be blessed. When someone is blessed, things which were not originally supposed to work begin working for (the good of) the person.

For example, in the year of famine, when crops did not grow, ’Isaac sowed in that land, and that year he harvested a hundred times as much as he had sown, because the Lord blessed him.‘ Gen 26: 12 GNT. You see how powerful blessings are!

Do you know that it is blessings that made Jacob far more prosperous than Esau, in spite of Jacob’s crooked / perverse lifestyle? Gen. 27:25-29, 30:43. That’s how powerful blessing are: blessings look beyond your personality and they bring untold goodness into your life and even the lives of those around, you whether they also deserve it or not (Gen 30:27,30, 39:5) Praise God!

You see how powerful blessings are! Nothing else on earth can be compared to it !

Scripture declares, ‘blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with ALL spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.’ Eph 1:3. Praise God! This is exciting; you are blessed richly blessed! Praise God!

Christians who have the wrong attitude when someone says, “God bless you” can’t see the blessings of God manifest in their lives. This is because they don’t value it and anything you don’t value, you can’t experience. You ought to acknowledge God’s blessings for it to become effectual in your life. Phi 1:6.

You are overwhelmingly blessed — blessed to embarrassment.  Let this become your daily consciousness and treasure blessings above any other thing. Don’t forget blessing is all you’ll ever require to be what God designed you to be. God bless you.

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

Lord I thank you I’m so blessed! My hands are blessed, my brains are blessed and anointed. My whole body is blessed. Praise God! My finance is blessed, my academics is super-blessed. I’m blessed when at home, I’m blessed when I’m working. I’m blessed where ever I go.  My family is richly blessed because of me. I walk from today onwards in this life knowing for sure that I’m the blessed of the LORD. Praise Jesus! Amen!

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