Last semester, we got versed in the various rudiments for an effective prayer. We were concerned primarily with reasons why every Christian should make prayer a part and parcel of him/her.

This semester promises to be even more powerful! This semester, we concentrate on the KINDS OF PRAYERS. Throughout this semester, we’ll be studying detailedly about 7 kinds of prayer (including prayer of intercession, prophetic prayer, prayer of vow, prayer of praise & thanksgiving). We’ll learn how to employ each to our advantage.

We begin this series with an insightful study on THE PRAYER OF INTERCESSION.

We converge @ our rendezvous for our 1st LSM Bible Class for the semester:

Akuafo Hall LSM: Behind the G-Block of Akuafo Main Hall, close to the Artisan’s Workshop.

Commonwealth Hall LSM: At the Left Summer Hut in the Commonwealth Gardens when approaching the Potter’s lodge.

Legon Hall LSM: On the Lovers Benches around the Legon Hall  Fountain.

Time is 6:00-7:15PM this Saturday. Note: LSM Bible Class alternates with the LSM Outreach on weekly basis. For instance, since this week is a LSM Outreach, next week God willing would have been a LSM Bible Class. LSM Bible Class is always @ 7:00AM whiles the LSM Outreach commences @ 6:00PM.

Don’t forget to bring friend(s)  along!

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