INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL … ® Why we submit to God-ordained authority

Text(s) for today: 1 Cor. 16:15-16

Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.” Heb 13:17.

Bible teaches that God sees some sins more serious than others (Jn. 19:11b KJV; 1 Sam 2:17; 1 Jn. 5:15-16). In order words, there are ‘more serious sins’ and ‘less serious sins.’ But whether a sin be less serious or more serious, we must avoid it.

One of the sins that ranks at the very apex of serious sins is pride. God cannot tolerate pride in any form. Bible tells us He ‘hates’ it (that is, He has deep, intense, extreme dislike for it) [Prov. 6 16-17 KJV, compare with GNB ; Prov. 16 :5].

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One of the sins that ranks at the very apex…is pride.

Unfortunately, Lucifer, the former archangel of God had this sin as his problem. No wonder God had to drive him out of heaven speedily (Isa. 14:11-15; Rev. 12:7-9).

Some people have asked me, ‘Why at all God create the devil or Satan?’

Well, God did not create the devil or Satan. What God created is called ‘Lucifer’ and the ‘Lucifer’ God created Bible tells us was perfect – the very quintessence of blameless (Eze. 28:12-15). Lucifer then chose to become ‘the devil’ through pride – He wouldn’t submit to God, He wouldn’t obey (Eze. 28:17; Isa 14:11).

A proud person is rebellious ( he doesn’t submit to instruction(s), commands etc. from a higher authority). He or she always wants to be left to have his or her own way (that is, follow his/her own path). He always thinks he knows better than his God-given leader.

Pride is of the devil. In fact,Bible calls pride witchcraft and idolatry (the worship of idols) 1 Sam. 15:23 KJV. Through this witchcraft and idolatry spirit, many of God’s children have become children of the devil – all through the evil of pride, just like the way Lucifer became the devil.

Interesting yet profound, it doesn’t take the devil to resist (that is, hinder the progress/advancement in life of) a proud person; God himself is the one that impedes the progress/success of such a person. (Jam. 4:6 KJV). When God himself resist your progress, what help can a Man of God offer you? (1 Sam. 2:25). The only thing you have to do to reverse it is to become humble – no amount of confessions of God’s word or prayer/fasting can change it.

That’s why we encourage people to submit – that’s why we teach humility. We encourage God’s people to submit for their own good. Remember when you humble yourself before the Lord, He lifts you up (Jam. 4:10).

The Holy Writ does not require us to submit to every one here on earth. Bible does not even tell us to submit to our parents – we‘re only to obey/honour them (and we will be blessed) Eph. 6; 1-3. Note there’s a difference between submission and obedience (it’s highly recommended you read other article christened “Be submissive.” It’s the 3RD ARTICLE on that page so make sure you scroll down)” It vividly explains the difference between the two).

One of the key authorities God want us to submit to as captured in today’s key verse is our spiritual leaders (leaders in the church/fellowship, our spiritual parents, etc.) Rebelling against them is therefore rebellion against God. In fact, according to today’s key verse (see verse above) it would be unprofitable (i.e. unrewarding; bear negative fruits in our lives) for us not to submit.

Let’s begin walking in humility starting from today. As we do so, God himself will lift us up (promote us; make us great).

Have a beautiful and a very lovely day!

Prayer & Confessions  (pray out loudly)

Lord I’m grateful for this timely teaching. I walk in the discipline of humility, knowing that as I do that I launch myself into a greater anointing, unfathomable prosperity, unlimited joy, perfect health, among several other blessings. Praise God!

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