INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Be effective in your calling

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Text(s) for today :  Read Col.  3: 23-25 

“So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon, son of Jonah, do u love Me more than these?’ He said to Him, ‘Yes, lord, You know that I love You.’ He said to him, ‘Feed My lambs.’ He said to him again the second time, ‘Simon do you love Me?’ He said to Him, ‘Yes, Lord; You know I love You. He said to him, ‘Tend My sheep.’ “ John 21:15-16 NKJV.

If you are a Christian leader, one privilege you have to show God that you love Him is by tending his flock  just like the way every parent have great love and concern for his child, God also has great love for His kids. He cares for His own and  expects everyone to treat His own right (Matt.  18:4-7,10). Fending for His sheep God has entrusted into your care is therefore the least you can do to appreciate God and to express your love for Him.

Be effective in your calling. Don’t be like those leaders in the church who keep giving one excuse after another for under-performance.

Call regularly the souls God has entrusted to you. Find out how they are faring, feed them with the word, pray for the souls, visit them and have adequate quality time with them.

That’s what it means to work with the Lord. If you do that, you’re in active partnership with the LORD Jesus, who came ‘to seek and to save that which are lost.’ Luke 19: 10 KJV. Those who practise this will certainly not lose their reward. Hallelujah!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

LORD I thank you for the privilege you’ve given me to work with you. Please help me to be effective in my calling; working with maximum efficiency, In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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