INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Your offering should be valuable to you

Text(s) for today: Read Mark 14:3-9 ; Mal. 1:6-14

..."this poor widow hath cast in more than they all." Lk. 21:2.

…”this poor widow hath cast in more than they all.” Lk. 21:2.

“Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God (that is, they have given God what they had to spare, i.e. their surplus ) but she of her penury (deficit, deep poverty, wants, extreme lack) hath cast in all the living that she had (that is, she has given out all she had to make a living).” Lk 21:2-4

Clearly, not every offering is of value before the Lord. Our text(s) for today teaches that if an offering would be valuable to God, it first ought to be valuable to you . Offering which do not mean anything to you will surely not mean anything to God. Like the woman we read about in Mark 14 who gave Christ a very precious offering, it’s imperative we always make sure our offerings are also very precious. Praise God!

Like the widow we met in our key verse, sometimes it might not be a colossal offering, but the offering should be immense in comparison with the totality of what you possess. Don’t forget that in the Luke story (Lk 21:1-4), we understand that the rich gave far more than two mites yet according to our master Jesus, she gave ‘more than they all.’ Praise God!

Beloved, God does not need your spare (spare time, spare money, spare energy, etc) after all God is not in need (or needy) Psa. 50:10-13. That’s why I find it very wrong when someone says he can’t come for fellowship meetings or for church because he’s busy. God certainly does not need your spare time.

Let’s begin giving  valuable offerings to God if we’ve not been doing so. Let’s be like David who declared …I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing…“ 2 Sam. 24:24. With such a mindset, why would David not be a man after God’s own heart? (ie. a man who follows very closely God’s heart when it comes to his likes and dislikes) Acts 13-22.

Begin giving God the best part of your money, time, attention, concern, etc and see yourself move from one level to the other in every area of your life. God bless you.

Prayer & Confessions

LORD I thank you for the privilege to give to you. Please help me give you my very best of every thing, Jesus Name. Amen.

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