INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Every one has something to give to the Lord


Text(s) for today: 2 Cor. 8: 1-7, Lk. 21 : 1-4

“…they were extremely generous in their giving, even though they are very poor.” 2 Cor. 8:2 GNB

I once overhead someone say, “My family and I couldn’t contribute to the church construction because we are very poor. We do not even have enough to support ourselves.

Many folks hold the same thought and they think that justifies their uncharitableness. God is never pleased with such thoughts because they are not scriptural.

Even the very poor can still give. Our key verse makes this point quite firmly. The story of the widow in our text(s) for today tells us same. In fact, the King James uses the phrase ‘deep poverty’ for ‘very poor’ in 2 Cor. 8:2.
It’s important we understand this point very well: every other thought contrary to this biblical fact is erroneous and it originates from the devil – whether the person is aware of this or unaware.

Beloved, we should understand that generosity is not for those you think have more than enough. No matter your financial status, you can be ‘extremely generous.’

Don’t despise your gifts to God. Like we saw in the story of the poor widow we examined in a recent devotional article (read it in Lk. 21: 1-4), the widow did not despise her gift. She could have thought within herself, “What can a poor widow like me give? Aah! Whatever I give would be insignificant.” But she refused to think that way. Jesus commended her:

“… of a truth… poor widow hath cast in (given) more than they all.” Lk. 21:3 KJV. Praise God!

For Bible says:

“If you are eager (willing) to give, God will accept your gift on the basis of what you to give, not on what you haven’t.“ 2 Cor. 8:7 GNB

In order words, the acceptance of your giving is measured relative to your (total) possession. This means that although the poor  widow gave two mites (very tiny coins) and was greatly commended, if another person gave the same amount, it might not  be accepted. Her gift was accepted commensurate with her possession.

Decide to be a giver even when you have little. Decide to give to God even when you have needs and wants (like the widow). You too can support the work of God – yes, because every one has something to give. Praise God! Begin today!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

LORD I’m so grateful for what you’ve given me. Indeed, I’ve something to give to help your work. I freely give to support your work, knowing that as I give, my gift is accepted by you. Praise God!

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