Text(s) for today: Lk. 21:1-4


“… she… has given everything she had to live on.Lk. 21:4 CEB

Our text(s) for today talks about the widow who gave ALL she had to support the work of the ministry.

This story is certainly one of the most inspiring stories in scripture. This woman’s attitude towards the things of God is so powerful. She could have thought, “I’m a poor woman. My husband is dead and I have no one to rely on.
If I give out this amount of money to support God’s work, what will I eat? I’d better kept it” but inspiring enough, she never thought that way.

She gave the work of God top-most priority over even her sustenance/livelihood. Now it’s clearer why Jesus recommended her attitude to his followers in that story.

Just like the way Jesus called the attention of his disciples to the deed of this woman, God is also calling our attention to this deed through today’s devotional.

Beloved, it pays it put in your ALL into ministry. That’s what I do.

I remember when I was at the university, every time my parents send me monthly remittance of about Gh¢ 120. I give out the WHOLE AMOUNT to sponsor the work of God. I did this throughout my year stay in the university.

The Lord always provided for me what to eat and drink through many miraculous ways. And today, this attitude has become a part of me. Any time I get money, I first think about what the money can do for the Kingdom. Praise God!

Any one who does that is not doing the wrong thing in fact, if it were wrong, Jesus would have said, ‘oh, she should not have done that. She should have only given part of her money so that she could get some to live on.”

In fact it’s clear that every thing Jesus said about her was to encourage us to emulate her attitude.

You have to challenge yourself to this level in God. As you do that, only time will tell how blessed, anointed and prosperous you become Praise God!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

LORD I thank you for the grace you have given me as far as giving is concerned. I exercise this grace in my life, knowing that as I show great concern for souls, you take me from one level of blessing/prosperity to the other. Amen.

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