INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Jesus must reign wherever you find yourself

Text(s) for today: Acts 19 :13-26

“…at Ephesus…the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified… So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed (gained mastery over the way of life of the people).” Acts 19 : 17,20

The gospel is very important. Every where the gospel of the kingdom is preached, Jesus is glorified. When that happens, the Word of God begins to prevail, ie. gain mastery over the way of life of the people in the area.
Like it happened in Ephesus, if they were magicians, they give up their sorcery. Prostitutes and murderers put a halt to their evil deeds and take on the attitude of Christ, just to mention but a few. Praise God!


That’s why we must support the gospel. That’s why Christ must reign. Wherever we find yourselves.

There are some Christians folks who do not support the gospel. These people disturb when a preacher comes preaching in their class. They join unbelievers in making the class unconducive for the Word to be preached. That’s not a wise thing to do as a Christian. The least you can do to promote Jesus is to ensure there’s quietude for every preacher- an atmosphere of great attention and concentration so that many lives can be blessed with the word of God.

There some Christians who also persecute preachers. These folks speak ill of dawn-broad casting, street evangelism and other kinds of Christian outreaches. They prefer a quiet environment to sleep rather than to see souls saved. They themselves do not preach, yet instead of supporting those that do, they join unbelievers in complaining against God’s preachers. Beloved, throughout scripture we notice that persecution tend to hinder the flow of the gospel.

Have a change of mind today.  Decide today that Christ Jesus will reign wherever you find yourself. Beloved, from today, every action we think about taking let us ask ourselves, “will this move advance the gospel or hinder it.” God bless you abundantly. Have a lovely day!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

LORD help me glorify Jesus wherever I find myself. As heaven and earth remains, the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God, just as the waters have covered the sea. Amen

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