INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Jesus had financial ministry partners

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Text(s) for today: Prov. 3:9-10

“Yochanah (Jonna) the wife of Herod’s finance minister Kuza (Cusa), Shoshanah (Susanna), and many other women who drew on their own wealth to help him (Jesus).” Lk. 8:3 CJB

Money has always been an engine on which the work of God runs. The scripture above (today’s key verse) might be new to many.Beloved, things have never changed – Jesus used money in His days on earth for ministry and money is also necessary for the work of the Kingdom today.

In fact, from the key verse, we realize that it was not only Jonna, Cusa and Susanna that supported Jesus’ ministry financially – we are told ‘many other women’ were also involved in this sponsorship. What a great amount of money they generated regularly to a help Jesus and his disciples! What a great sponsorship that might have been! This point is made clearer when one considers the phrase ‘… (they) drew on their own wealth.’  This means these women were not just (i.e. averagely) rich but wealthy. The use of the phrase many other women’ also further elucidates this point. Praise God!

Indeed, King Solomon was right!

“Money has an answer for everything.” Eccl. 10:19 CJB.

This online blessing and divine mandate (i.e. this website) has been made possible by the support of genuine ministry partners. Through this money-medium, we’ve been able to touch and influence greatly lives from across the globe. We get into the homes/offices of not only Christians but non-Christians too. Our statistics show we reach not only Ghanaians, but Russians, Americans, Croatians, etc. with our timely and prophetic messages on daily basis, but this has not been without the help of money.

Do you know that even after the launch of this site, without money for publicity, you might have possibly not heard of this site? Beloved, it’s still money that helps bring the Word of God to many daily.

Certainly with more money, we can achieve so much more for the Kingdom of  God. That’s why it’s imperative we support the work of God in the churches/fellowships we belong. Let your money also work for the Lord. Beloved, let the requirements/needs of the Kingdom mean more to you than your own needs.

Remember, if the world would walk in righteousness, it depends on you and me – how we promote the gospel! Become a financial partner of the Kingdom today ! Let’s fill the whole world with the knowledge of the glory of God! (Hab. 2:14). Halleluyah!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

Lord I’m so grateful for your Word this day. Please help me to (continually) help the work of God with my substance where ever I find myself, in Jesus’ mighty name, amen!

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