INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … The gospel to every nation


Text(s) for today: Read Lk. 8:1-4

“And He (Jesus) said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (i.e. everyone in the world).” Mk. 16:15 KJV

The last words of a departing man are his most precious words. Just before Jesus departed to heaven, he instructed that we preach the good news to every single soul in the world. This means evangelism is at the heart of Jesus and it must be on our hearts too.

In our part of the world, the Word of God is ubiquitous- we hear it on the radio, TV, at church, etc. But let’s not take things for granted: the Word of God is not permitted (does not have a free course) yet in many countries round the world. In fact, it’s illegal and highly prohibited for one to call himself a preacher of the good news in Kryrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Albania, Iran, to mention but a few.

Beloved, over 80,000 people die daily in Asia, knowing nothing at all about the saving love of Jesus Christ. In India alone, about 500,000 villages have never heard the gospel (Courtesy: Gospel for Asia).

Beloved, we have to treat this issue with top-most priority and matchless urgency, for the time is very short. When we put all hands on deck and take uncompromising advantage of the enormous technology available today (social sites, websites, WhatsApp, radio, television, SMSs (texting), etc.), we can fulfill this great commission.

Beloved, financing the Word of God with your money is the least you could ever do to fulfill this commission. That is why we encourage people to give. With huge financial investments, we can saturate the media, internet, telecommunication networks/phones with the Word of God.

Everyone can get involved in this great commission. Beloved, you may not be able to get to these nations with the Word, but your money can help reach those nations with the gospel.

Let’s be gospel-minded. Let’s use our monies rightly. Let the salvation of the world mean more to you than any other thing. All those round the world, if you’re reading this devotional, you can begin today. Give bountifully to the church to support evangelism. Begin writing gospel articles and tracts and paste them around street corners, in institutions, etc. Tell those you meet today about Christ. Lead them to this website so that they can learn more about Christ and grow in Him.

Remember, every soul is priceless before God (Matt. 16:26). Begin now!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

Precious Jesus, thanks unlimited for your great gift (salvation) for humanity. I make an intense commitment today, to affect the eternal destiny of many by making this precious gift available to many with all I have and with all I am. Thanks selfless LORD, amen.

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