God Provides ie

Text(s) for today: Phil. 4:10 -23

“With all this abundant wealth through Christ…my God will supply all your needs.” Phil. 4:19

If you happen to be reading this devotional, get ready for a miracle of provision today!

If you’ve read the text(s) for today, you’ve realized that that text is about God settling physical/material needs and wants, and not about spiritual needs (although other portions of the Bible address spiritual needs).

It’s therefore clear, beyond every reasonable doubt that when Apostle Paul prayed in the verse 19 that God “supply all your needs,” he was referring to needs like money, food, and other kinds of material possession.

It’s vital this point is made clear because it would help you discover that your academic scholarship, finance and other physical things are all at the heart of God the Father.

3 John 2 makes us understand this better:

“…I wish above all things (ie. above every thing else) that thou mayest PROSPER and be in good health, even as thy SOUL PROSPERETH.”

You see, even as we mature spiritually , God also wants us to prosper in this life.

Beloved, God is not happy when you sit in a bus and pray that the bus conductor forgets to take fare just because you don’t have sufficient money. He wants you to prosper. He desires you so well – academically, financially socially, health – wise, as well as spiritually. Praise the LORD!

He wants you to enjoy (material) prosperity – like the way his faithful servants Job (Job 1:3) and David (1 Kg. 10:7) did. You’ll experience a miracle provision today for God is the one who gives you power to get wealthy (Deu. 8:18).

Beloved, your prosperity is on his heart:

“… Jehovah be magnified, who DELIGHTETH (rejoices; is happy) in the prosperity of his servant.” Psa. 35:27

This is a timely message! This is prophetic! Don’t ignore this message. You have one responsibility RIGHT NOW – a responsibility to believe the words you’re reading right now (Jn. 11:4; Heb. 4:2). You’re not reading these special words by chance : God planned it that way as the answer to your prayer!


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