INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Fulfil your calling to the end

Text(s) for today: Jn. 12:1-7

“Demas hath forsaken me (i.e. Paul), having loved this present world is departed… Only Luke is with me. Take Mark, and bring him… for he’s profitable to me for the ministry…”.2 Tim. 4:10-11

God calls many folks to labour in His vineyard, but not every one that is called by God fulfils his/her calling TO THE END (Matt. 22:14). In fact, many folks commence fulfilling their calling only to fall out along the way.

This is evidenced in the number of Christians who were ‘on fire’ for the LORD sometime ago but now are no where to be found in His service.

One good example in the Bible is Judas. He disappointed God along the way. Today’s key verse also highlights another example – Demas by name.

Judas began on a very good note. He rose through the ranks of the ministry from just a follower of Jesus to be an apostle, to finally be the only apostle with the complementary duty of managing the church funds (Jn. 12:4, 6).

Beloved, when God calls you, never forget that the Devil attempts every way possible to have you.

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No one can be fulfilled in life outside his/her calling.

Bible tells us of how He tried that on Peter (Lk 22:31-32), Jesus (Lk 4:1-3), and he will try that on you too. That does not mean that you should not respond to the call of God – no one can be fulfilled in life outside his/her calling.

But how does the Devil get people failing out of their calling? We know (2 Cor. 2:11):

The devil does this through the challenges that accompany the calling. That’s why any one called by God ought to know how to handle challenges MOST EFFICIENTLY.

So what challenge couldn’t Judas handle?

It was a public rebuke! Jesus corrected him in front of several other for criticizing a woman who had done nothing wrong and that’s what he couldn’t handle (Jn 12:1-7). Bible tells us he left off immediately after the rebuke to betray Jesus (Mk. 14:3-11, esp. v.10-11).

What about Demas?

For Demas, the challenge was that the ministry demanded so much of him. He couldn’t love the one he was working for (i.e. Jesus) more than the “present world,” so he departed (2 Tim 4:10).

Challenges in the calling make God’s people give up.

Decide today to fulfill your calling TO THE END no matter what. By being more open to your God-given (ministry) leaders and with more prayer and intercession, you can succeed. (Lk 22:31-32). Praise the LORD!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

Heavenly Father, thank you for the calling upon my life. I receive divine enablement to overcome every challenge in the line of my calling. Help me to be on top of my calling, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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