INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … Be number one(1) in your calling

Text(s) for today: Jn. 15:20 ; Lk. 6:40

“But Saul’s preaching became more powerful…” Act 9:22

Our Master Jesus is acknowledged across the world in almost all spheres of life as an authority. These spheres of life include religion, philosophy, economics and what have you – among Christians and non-Christians alike!

This is partly due to the quality of words he spoke. His words were backed with tremendous power; and because of that, He greatly transformed the life of His listeners.

Bible records that at a particular time in His life, the Pharisees and chief priests sent soldiers to apprehend Jesus. This is NOT THE STORY IN WHICH HE WAS ARRESTED IN THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE – this happened before he was even betrayed by Judas!

When the officials came to Jesus, he was as usual teaching. They stood there stupefied, ‘drinking from the depths of His wisdom.’ They returned to the authorities that sent them, and when they queried them why they had not brought Jesus along, their reason was simple – yet quite unusual:

“No one ever spoke the way this man does”, the guards replied. Jn.7 :46 Certainly, there’s something extraordinary about the words of our Master.

calling 4i

Today, the LORD WANTS TO SPEAK THROUGH YOU – in the same powerful way. He desires to make the words you speak more powerful, life transforming and amazingly imparting – just like Jesus!

As key verse says,” …Saul’s preaching became EVEN MORE POWERFUL.” Praise the LORD!

So what should you do? It’s simple!

After our Master ascended to heaven, scripture makes us understand that the people of those days noticed that the disciples also spoke with authority:
‘…when they realised that they were unschooled ordinary men, they were astonished (greatly surprised) and THEY TOOK NOTE THAT THESE MEN HAD BEEN WITH JESUS.’ Acts. 4:13 NIV Praise God!

Decide today to be with Jesus. YOU CAN BE THE VERY BEST AS FAR AS YOUR CALLING IS CONCERNED.. You can be top – notch; on top of your calling. Spend great deal of time every day communing with the Master through Bible studies and prayer times. Enjoy these special times with the Son – don’t let it be a mere ritual but more importantly, let it be regularly.

As you do that, your messages will become very powerful – extremely powerful! Remain anointed.

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

As an answer to the cry of billions, I declare my influence is growing more powerful in the Name of Jesus. I spend great deal of time in your presence daily – learning from you and perfectly imitating you (Lk. 6:40). I’m anointed and my words are not ordinary. Praise God!

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