INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … God wants you healthy


“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper AND BE IN HEALTH, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 Jn 2

Sickness has never been the desire of God for His kids. In the Old Testament, God could inflict sickness on people as a corrective measure, but under the new covenant, He doesn’t do that any more. It’s just like animal sacrifice. In the Old Testament, it was the norm but under the new covenant, animal sacrifice is abolished. Now people confess their sins to have them forgiven, without any animal slaughter. Praise God!

In fact, there’s no scripture under the new covenant that says or even suggests that a Christian became sick because God was punishing Him (note the new covenant began after the death of Jesus). That makes it explicit why it is wrong as a Christian to think God is punishing you for your sins through sickness – God will not do that. No, not today:

“…prosper and be in health…”

That’s God’s will for your life. That’s why our Master healed the sick during His earthly ministry. In fact, he was ALWAYS willing to change sickness to health, weakness to strength. Praise God!

Note that EVERY SICK folk that came to Jesus believing was healed : not a single man came to Him to be turned away by Him for any reason and He won’t turn you away either.

Beloved, God is more willing to heal you than you’re ever ready to receive. You have to believe this.

Sickness is of the devil because God wants you well. Someone may inquire,

‘What about sicknesses that are caused by germs and other physical factors? Can prayer ALONE heal such a person or should it be a combination of prayer and drugs?’

Well, even if you’re sick due to germs, God wants you healed and He can and He’s willing to do that now.

In Luke 4:38-41, we’re told of how Jesus healed a man who had great fever. We all know that fever is a symptom of several physical sicknesses mainly malaria. Malaria we all know is caused by the Plasmodium sp. (which according to Biology is a germ transmitted by the vector mosquito). Note Jesus healed him without a single drug!

In Acts 28:8-9, we read about a man, Publius’ father. We are told he was in bed sick of fever and dysentery. Apostle Paul prayed for him and he received healing – EVEN WITHOUT DRUGS.

If you’re sick today, the LORD wants to make you well. Pray the following prayer with faith; you’ll get out of your sick bed. The pain would be gone. You’ll be free. Let’s pray:

“Sovereign LORD Jehovah, your Word makes me understand you want me healthy. I take advantage of this Word and I receive healing into my body, into every fibre of my being, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, into every clot of blood in my body, every bone of my body, each and every cell of my being. Praise God! Amen!”

If you prayed this prayer, do what you couldn’t do before. You’ll discover you’re healed, completely well. Halleluyah!

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