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Text(s) for today: Hab.2:2, Ecc.9:10, Prov.16:3

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Prov. 29:18KJV.

One of the most important things in life is vision. For a very productive Christian life, vision becomes even more imperative.You must have in mind what you want to do, where you want to be, what you want to be- that vision! That’s what makes you focused. Without vision, we perish (get destroyed).

That’s why you must prayerfully set out a vision for regular periods -it should be detailed and it must cover all aspects of your life– your marriage, academics, ministry, etc. It’s important to write down your vision (Hab.2:2).

After you’ve prayerfully set out a vision, you shouldn’t end there –work at it, do it with all your strength. (Ecc.9:10), investing great deal of prayers into it. That’s what focus is all about. It’s essential also to consistently remind yourself of the vision by going over it (that is, by reading and pondering over it) regularly. This also will help you maintain focus.

Your vision must succeed and if will, it depends on you. Set out a vision now, or if you already have a new resolution, strengthen it with the word of God you have received today. It’s not too late. 2013 is certainly the year the Lord has made, custom-designed just for you. Do your part. God bless you.

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

In the name of the LORD Jesus, I receive divine ability to set the right vision before myself. My vision is God’s vision and it is advancing with a speed beyond the speed of light. I’m sticking to my God-given vision with unparalleled industry, great perseverance and prayers. LORD I thank you for its success. Amen!

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