A – Ministry development

B – Expansion of network of branches

C – Future investments

                    A – Ministry development

To assist our already existing branches to develop further by helping :

– buy instruments and other equipment (buses, generators, etc)

– build GV Auditoria

– intensify outreaches/evangelisms

-amplify Ministry influence through posters, radio, and TV programs, websites, live streaming, books, CDs, DVDs, etc

– amplify ministry advertisements (banner, bill boards, etc)

-support needy members/alumni needs (education, health, general, upkeep, etc).

                         B – Expansion of network of branches

To open more branches of the ministry for full-time pastors/leaders by :

– handling the cost involved in sending out missionaries to towns/places in the nation and other countries (cost of accommodation for the missionary [if it is beyond him/her], hiring a meeting place for a brand new branch, transport cost (to the towns places, etc)

– financial/material motivation for full-time pastors/leaders.

              C – Future investments

To pull resources in preparation for :

GV Television stations (in the nation and in other countries)

GV Radio Station (in the nation and in other countries)

– major crusades

GV schools (to worldwide support the under privileged throughout Ghana and other nations)

GV Hospitals worldwide

For very detailed information on the God – given Vision of the ministry, contact our President on +233243395996. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Ministry lines : +23348342405, +233208521810