Ministry arms/branches

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God’s Vision (GV) is an interdenominational Christian word fellowship which is heralding the message of love to the world. We seek to help people all around the world to understand and live a life of love. With its principal branch at Legon, we are spreading our reach to various campuses/high schools soon.

This site is just one of the several ways by the grace of God we use in the propagation of God’s Word. Other ways include This Vision (which is an outreach arm of GV engaged in lecture hall preaching on daily basis),Vision SMS (which sends God’s Word to hundreds of people each week via text messages and also on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The Vision SMS service is fast-becoming the best and most popular text messaging service in Ghana that sends God’s Word across to many people on REGULAR basis), Our Social SitesFacebook and Twitter ( God’s Vision’s Twitter Account is mainly a prayer account. We mobilize the world every day in prayer through our inspired DAILY tweets on prayer points, prayer messages, etc. Our Facebook Account  is devoted to our inspiring, uplifting and prophetic Vision SMSs. It has more exposition, much more inspiration), Loud Love (which is the evangelistic arm of the vision. The ministry gets onto streets, street corners, market places and other busy centres for Loud Love once every week), LSM Bible Class & Word Outreach  (This is a very well-organized bible study within halls/hostels. LSM Bible Class & Word Outreach runs simultaneously i.e. at the same time each week in several halls/hostels. Private persons are now also involved in organizing bible studies in their individual rooms with their room mates/neighbours, etc. using our LSM Bible Study Outlines). We also run a lifeline christened Hebrews 13:3 Lifeline which succours the indigent, the infirm and several others who suffer physical/material/financial adversity. We never forget to help them spiritually too any time we reach out to them. This God-sent lifeline is sponsored by generous giving. Also, the insightful, encouraging and soul-winning Word Amplified tract is a product of (the tract arm of ) God’s Vision. God’s Vision publishes tracts (the Word Amplified tracts) on regular basis.

We invite you to join our services on the University of Ghana campus (whether you are a student or not).

Our main services at the Legon branch are as follows:

MON. & WED : WORD SERVICE (great teaching service)

THURS: FAITH-IN-ACTION SERVICE (extraordinary prayer/miracle service)

Time is 8:00-9:00 PM for each of the above days. There is a warm reception awaiting you.

We pray that every time you log onto this site you will  have a divine time with our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you.