Our extraordinary services

Here, our Word and prayer programs are designed to enable all in the Christian faith (even the ‘toddler’), to grow rapidly and doubtlessly, to live the life of love. Every ‘toddler’ in the Christian faith would be amazed at his pace of growth in God’s word and how his ‘baby’ Christian life transforms to a life of love in maturity. Praise God! Your regularity/ punctuality and devotion to fellowship meetings are, of course, sine qua non for these results. Hallelujah! God’s Vision is also one of the most ideal places on campus matured folks of the Christian faith can be– the directions, insights, revelation and precise understanding and wisdom drawn from God’s Word during our meetings would surely and overwhelmingly bless you . It would help make a great minister of God out of you. Praise God!

Beloved you wouldn’t want to miss our programs/services/meetings. It’s a wonderful place to be. Stay blessed. You’re welcome!

God’s Vision… Reaching the world with the Word of love.

3. Our Meeting Times & Venue

God’s Vision meets 3 hours per week:

WORD SERVICE                                                

Mon. 8:00- 9:00pm


Wed. 7:30-9:00pm


Thur.:   8:00-9:00pm

Aside these tri-weekly meetings, we’ve two other programs:   LOVE WORD FEAST” (LWF) & “NIGHT OF INSIGHTS from scriptures” (NOI).  LWF and NOI are each held at least once every semester.

The venue for all the above mentioned services/programs is the bottom right of the Sarbah middle field (2nd field i.e. unfenced field), when approaching field from Legon Hall Annex B. ²

Hall/hostel members, however, meet in their halls/hostels for LOVE SAINTS MEETING (LSM). Learn more on the above meetings/programs as you keep reading!

4. Our Meetings/Programs

All our programs/meetings & teachings are structured.

(1)   WORD SERVICES: This is a special spirit-filled Word teaching meeting. Here, we draw powerful and life-changing truths to enhance our Christian life from God’s word preached to us. The teachings are very practical, accurate, precise and necessary for vibrant, victorious Christian living. Topics taught touches on all aspects of the Christian life. Topics include Christian giving, the Christian love, faith, God’s love for us, unity, living in total joy and peace, academic excellence, morality, prosperity, Christian power, dealing with anger, etc. All these teachings are building blocks for a good Christian life. Praise God! You wouldn’t want to miss our word services.

(2)   Breaking Bread Service [BBS]: This is a meeting organized for members under the various department of which we call “HELPS MINISTRY”. In these meetings, members are unveiled the vision of the ministry and where God is taking us, as a ministry. Also, members are taught how to harness their God-given potential and sharpen their talents for the kingdom use. Moreover, members are been refreshed. You wouldn’t want to miss this service which comes off this and every Wednesday; 7:30pm – 9:00pm.

(3)   FAITH-IN-ACTION (FIA) SERVICE: This is a meeting designed purposely for prayer. In this power-packed prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit ministers and manifests powerfully. Here, we hear prophesies, witness mind-blowing testimonies of healing, miracles, deliverance and empowerments, etc. Faith-in-action Thursday meetings affords us the opportunity to witness the power of God. All these, we do in prayer. You can’t be sick on a Thursday and sit in the room! We put our faith to work and we get Bible results. Praise God! You can’t miss this service for anything!

(4)   LOVE WORD FEAST (LWF): This extraordinary Word meeting is held once a semester. It’s a 3-day program. A week’s Word & FIA service is used for this program. It lasts one (1) hour each night. Publicity given this program is unprecedented for a fellowship, with people coming from within and outside the university to participate in the program. Here, we receive powerful and life-changing insights and revelations on love. The theme of this program is always love. Oh, this meeting is obviously not ordinary! Hallelujah!

(5)   NIGHTS OF INSIGHTS from scriptures (NOI): This is another extraordinary Word meeting held once a semester. It’s a 3-day program. Again, a week’s Word & FIA service is used for this program. It last one (1) hour each night. Have you seen something in scriptures you don’t understand? Do you know we (the Christian body) have believed certain things for a very long time that are actually not consistent with Scripture? Do you know you can fully understand God’s word? Here, we elucidate portions of Scripture misunderstood or not understood by many. Questions may be asked on topic(s) discussed. At this program, you can also submit other questions not related to the topic(s) discussed that night for consideration in subsequent NOI. It’s a ‘builder’. It’s an eye-opener. Don’t miss NOI!

(6)   LOVE SAINTS MEETINGS (LSMs): These are meetings within the various halls/hostels. Here, Vision members in each hall/hostel come together in fellowship. During LSM, we draw hall programs, amass ideas for Vision and organize ourselves for visitations and evangelism (usually within the hall/hostel). Each hall/hostel has a representative. The representative chairs the LSM for that hall/hostel. The main purpose of the LSM is to help introduce God’s Vision to each and every resident of their hall/hostel so we (God’s Vision) can transform more lives for Christ. Hallelujah! Note your presence at LSM (through the ideas you may bring up, outreaches, etc.) can save  soul(s) from destruction forever. Be there.


5. Necessary for our meetings…

God’s Vision, as we’ve seen, is a Word fellowship. It’s therefore imperative we always bring Bible, a notebook (or notepad) and pen to meetings. This helps us pen down (for reference and study purposes) ideas/knowledge received from the meetings as the Spirit of God ministers. Hallelujah!

6. What we encourage…

  • PUNCTUALITY AND REGULARITY: Our services are designed with the idea that every member would be present at each and every meeting, thus missing meetings would not help the member since one teaching is built upon another. We encourage punctuality and regularity for our all meetings.
  • NOTE-TAKING: Taking notes during meetings is one good way that helps keep in memory (through revision) God’s Word taught at each meeting