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INSPIRING DAILY DEVOTIONAL ® … There’s power in you – use it!

Text(s) for today: Mk. 16: 15-20; Phil. 4:13

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongue; they SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS; and if THEY DRINK ANY DEADLY THING, IT SHALL NOT HURT THEM; THEY SHALL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK, AND THEY SHALL RECOVER.” Mk. 16:17-18 KJV


It is a fact that every believer has inherent power. So long as you believe in Jesus, you’ve got this innate ability (Mk. 16:15).

Like we’re seeing in our key verse, this ability brings healing to others, liberates the demon-possessed, makes one immune to poison etc. and it works exactly the way Jesus said it – exactly the way Jesus had it. Praise the LORD!

It’s important I emphasize that Bible is not speaking figuratively when it talks about we casting out demons, immunity to poison, bringing healing to the sick, etc. because this is my daily experience – this is what I do and it ALWAYS works!

Don’t forget: Jesus never lied, so certainly this cannot be a lie (Jn. 14:6). It’s important to believe that you’ve power because if you choose to do otherwise, you’re telling Jesus that what He said is not real.

See! This ability is not the preserve of only pastors, teachers and prophets – it’s for all believers.

“…these signs shall follow THEM THAT BELIEVE…

As a Christian, God wants to heal and perform all other kinds of wonders through you too.

Be resolved, starting from today, to help those around you using this ability inside of you – for God expects you to do that.

Have the boldness, as a Christian, to utilize the name of Jesus. Be bold and you’ll get results EVERY TIME! Praise the LORD!

Prayer & Confessions (pray out loudly)

Indeed, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Phil. 4:13). I use the name of Jesus BOLDLY wherever I go. Halleluyah!

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