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Hello, welcome to the special projects page. This page keeps you abreast with all the projects ahead of us as a ministry and how you can be involved in fulfilling each one of them. It also informs you about how each one of them is being fulfilled.

The following are the projects ahead of us, as far as the next few months of this year is concerned. Your donation/giving/support can be in cash or kind. If you have any of the items listed below or any similar item and you want to donate that item(s) to us, you could let us know.  Read on to see how you can help:

1.  A LASER PRINTER – GH¢ 1400.00 (as at August,2015)

God’s Vision Word Fellowship does lots of printing. We print coloured Bible study outlines (a.k.a LSM Outlines) each week, flyers/handbills at regular intervals, coloured tracts, etc. Printing at commercial centres is not the most ideal because of the volumes/numbers we print every time. Having a super printer would not only economical, but would also even enhance the quality of the materials we produce.

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Our current God’s Vision rendezvous is makeshift. We are planning of moving into a sitting hall with much light. This would make our Word Services more fruitful since taking notes from the powerful messages we hear would be much easier. We also predict a further increase in attendance when we have a sitting venue. You could make this possible in two ways:

        1. We want your proposals on the particular room/auditorium within the University that would be ideal for our meetings.

            2. Your generous financial contribution as far as the yearly rent is concerned.

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3.  A DIGITAL CAMERA – GH ¢ 800.00 (as at August,2015)

With the launch of our website/social networks just at a corner, a digital ministry camera would not only make things economical but would also encourage more photos on the sites.

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4.  AN AUDIO RECORDER (with best sound quality) – GH ¢ 700.00 (as at August,2015)

Soon, we’ll put sound bites of our campus Word/FIA services and other special services on-line. This would help many of us who are off campus not to miss out on our programmes, especially the crowd-pulling Nights of Insights (NOI) and Love Word Feast (LWF) programmes.

Additionally, this very special audio recorder would make us send the word of God everywhere on campus via phones, iPads, PC’s, etc through our Vision audio service.

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For those who are new to God’s Vision, Love Conference/Celebrations is totally different from Vision Conference. Love Celebrations/Conference refers to the anniversary programme for the fellowship. The fellowship intends to utilize that opportunity to launch the ministry’s services/programmes (including our website/social sites, Vision SMS, Loud Love, etc) and also to reach out to the less advantaged in our high schools and hospitals through our Hebrews 13:3 Lifeline programme. On programme for this august celebration is the printing of evangelism branded God’s Vision T-shirts/Lacoste shirts. We’re also hosting representatives from every denomination on campus and we would have some sporting activities with some of the denominations. There would be media coverage, evangelistic outreaches, etc to commemorate the day. Let your donations start coming in.

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 Let’s hear your comments, suggestions, questions and contributions on this post.