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What Is Vision SMS?

Vision SMSs are rich, empowering, uplifting and timely text messages of scripture delivered to mobile phones of God’s children weekly across all 6 mobile networks in Ghana and several international mobile networks across the world!

Vision SMS service is indeed a great powerful and empowering service. Testimonies this service has been numerous and overwhelming over the years. Many have been healed and directed by God’s spirit – all through the power of scripture we send via the service.

But thankfully, now apart from the usual phone messaging, each week’s Vision SMS can also be read online. The online version (which is on our Facebook account  and also on this site) is expanded with details such as illustrations, explanations, etc.

To access the online version, all you have to do is to log onto our Facebook page by clicking here (To do this manually, log onto your own Facebook account and search for Vision SMS” page). Once you are on our page, click on the ‘like’  button and our system will automatically link you up with great inspiration from our site. Once you’re hooked unto our page, you could write your testimonies and read several testimonies from others. You could also comment on the service or on each SMS on our wall.

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God’s Vision’s Vision SMS service is also now available  on WhatsApp. To subscribe for  our mobile or WhatsApp version, visit us on our fellowship grounds at meeting times. Alternatively, you could contact us using any of our addresses/telephone numbers at the contact us page of this website.

The Vision SMS service has been running each and every week for the past three-and-a-half (3 1/2) years. It’s sponsored by the Vision SMS recipients (on free-will basis) and God’s Vision Word fellowship, Legon branch. It’s powered by The Vision, the umbrella body of all our services/programs as a ministry.


“Why is it that the Vision SMSs I receive are always specific to my situation and very timely?”

This by far the most famous question asked concerning our Vision SMSs. Since its inception over 3 years ago, the Vision SMS service have received many comments from its recipients that are similar to the question above. Many have wondered how we to know about their specific situations at any given time and send them messages addressing them just at the right time. But what does the Bible have to say about this phenomenon?

Well, it’s an anointing! Bible says:

“And it shall come to pass in the last day, saith God, I will, pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy (that is shall speak/proclaim my words/messages) and your young men shall see vision… Acts 2:17 KJV.

We don’t send a scripture just because the scripture is nice and wonderful; we send it because that’s the particular one the lord wants us to send for that particular week. The additional lines that are often added to the scripture is also divine. Like Apostle Paul said:

“For I have received of the Lord that which also I deliver unto you …” 1 Cor. 11:23.

That’s the same thing with the Vision SMS. When it come s to it sending them we send the SMSs at the time God wants us to send them. Even we are busy, we interrupt the engagement to send them. It’s just like Philip the evangelist who didn’t have to miss the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-27). Praise God!

Although it’s sent to hundreds of people each week, it’s specific to every one’s situation because the Vision SMS is God’s voice. It’s just like you going for a Sunday church service and the pastor preaches to many people and at the end every one says he’s blessed and encouraged by that one message the pastor preached. Praise God!

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What does the phrase “I’TS A VISION…GOD’S VISION” mean?

If you have been receiving Vision SMS or if you’ve ever read one of our Vision SMSs, you’d have noticed that we sign off each week’s Vision SMS (both via text, and the SMSs online – on our Facebook page) by the statement “IT’S A VSN…” or “IT’S A VISION …GOD’S VSN.”  That what we want to explain now.

On the 19th day of February 2008, the Lord spoke to our Visioneer, Pastor Kuuku like the way He always speaks to him. He said:

“The whole world and beyond needs you. My son, I’ve given you the world, take it and mould it the way I made it. Yes I said, ‘mould it.’ ”

The vision  (aim /expectation /ambition ) is not the Visioneer’s vision. It’s God’s own vision; God’s vision of moulding his own world! When we say It’s a Vision, God’s Vision, that’s exactly what we mean. By that phrase we are affirming this divine mandate, and that’s what would happen. It’s taken place in every corner of this world  and it’ll touch and influence each and every soul in the world and those to come.

That’s why at God’s Vision we believe in working together as a teambecause we know that together we will make the world exactly what God wants it to be. And that’s our slogan as a ministry; when we say “It’s a Vision,” you gaze into the future of a brighter world tomorrow and solemnly utter “God’s Vision.” Praise God!

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What’s the meaning of these V-codes (eg. V14,V20) I see in my Vision SMSs?

PICTURE OF A V-CODEIf you are hooked unto our Vision SMS service, you’d have by now noticed that each Vision SMS now begins with a distinct code (V12, V14, etc). We call it the V-code. This V-code is yet another upgrading of Vision SMS service. It’s designed for your comfort – to help to easily identify each week’s SMS online (i.e. on our Facebook page and also on the Vision SMS page of this website). The online version of the Vision SMS is more than you could wish! It throws light on each week’s Vision SMS in an insightful, expository manner; well- illustrated with several  references. 

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